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If you aren’t a big gym fan, or are not particularly keen on exercise classes with 30 other people, or just don’t think you get the attention or the results you need, we get it.  We want to help you get fitter, stronger and recover from injuries with our more focussed, one-on-one or small group class sessions that really work.  We do it this way because everyone is different.  With different fitness and mobility levels and different needs in terms of injuries to adjust to and help or sports to train for – helping the individual and devising training specifically to their needs is important.

The evolving fitness industry

There is no doubt that the fitness Industry has changed dramatically over the years and continues to change on a regular basis. There’s so much to choose from these days it can be incredibly confusing and hard to know exactly what is right for you.

Originally, the first form of fitness was simple… it was just LIFE!  But we have slowly become more sedentary and less able to move the way we were designed – we have lost the ability to function as we meant to.

The original creation of gyms and the fitness industry came out of a necessity. They were developed to address a reducing ability in youth to stay fit and healthy.  The media also began to drive home an emotional attachment on how we should look. We moved away from simply being fit and healthy to how we had to look as well.

Our current generation is possibly the most unfit and overweight generation ever -sedentary, sitting at desks and constantly suffering from pain and discomfort. Our time is very precious and we are busier than ever so, the birth of faster workouts and ‘one size fits all’ models were introduced, something that doesn’t fit everyone.

How we work

Everyone’s level and requirements of fitness, injury recovery and functionality are different. Some people need more of a focus on one area than another, and that’s where clinical and specialized experience in either a one-on-one setting or in smaller group settings where the clinician can make corrections to technique and progressions instantly are invaluable.

Our Clinical Pilates classes are low impact and focus on strength, flexibility, balance, injury management and strengthening and general fitness.  It is primarily a treatment and rehabilitation method designed to change the way your body holds and moves.

All of our classes are fully supervised by trained clinicians who fully individualize your sessions with one-on-one coaching and monitoring before you even start.  We want you safe and pain free and we have the team to provide this.

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