Pondera offers a range of services providing individual rehabilitation, strength and fitness programs in our beautifully equipped studio. Depending on your clinical needs, we have two streams of Clinical Pilates based programs – our Physiotherapy stream and our ‘Performance Pilates’ stream.

We say ‘Pilates based’, as in addition to our Pilates equipment, Pondera’s studio is equipped with a cable system, Smith machine with both free and guided bars, free weights, cardio bike, TRX systems, fitballs and other training & rehabilitation gear – it’s not just Clinical Pilates but a complete rehabilitation and fitness opportunity.

PHYSIOTHERAPY STREAM: If you have a long term injury, chronic or unresolved pain, then the Physiotherapy stream is suitable for you. PERFORMANCE PILATES STREAM: If you are looking for performance enhancement, general fitness, improved body tone or other higher level goals then this stream is probably best for you.

Either way, a thorough individual assessment and tailored program is the best way to achieve your goals. Pilates class structures do not allow for individual needs and even one exercise can cause problems if it’s not right for you.

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Physiotherapy Stream for pain and injury rehabilitation

Suitable for clients with pain, movement dysfunction or injury history. Program goals will include manage or eliminate pain, improve postural tone & daily function, improve confidence, freedom of movement and return to general or specific activity.

  • Initial consultation with Physiotherapist
  • 1-on-1 instruction sessions with Physiotherapist progressing to 1-on-3 instruction sessions with Physiotherapist
  • Group exercise sessions (individual program fully supervised)
  • reassessments and progressions with Physiotherapist


Exercise Physiology “Performance Pilates” Stream

You don’t need an injury or pain to take advantage of the facilities and expertise we can offer you. Your goals may include:

  • improving posture or working on your ‘core’
  • discipline specific performance – sports, performing arts, day to day life!
  • weight loss or fitness (incorporating Pilates, gym & cardio)
  • improving and managing health conditions such as diabetes

Appointments and studio sessions with our Exercise Physiology staff may be claimable under Exercise Physiology or lifestyle programs with private health insurance.

  • Initial consultation with Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)
  • 1-on-1 instruction sessions with AEP or studio instructor
  • reassessments and progressions with AEP
  • studio sessions co-supervised by studio staff with program constantly monitored by AEP

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Pondera’s unique 3 stage Physiotherapy guided Pilates & rehabilitation program

Clinical Pilates is a treatment and rehabilitation methodology designed to change the way your body holds and moves. Practitioners of Clinical Pilates use researched based, diagnostic criteria to devise a program targeting enhanced body awareness, better patterns of body movement and a functional outcome relevant to your needs. Pondera’s unique three stage Physiotherapy stream allows you to progress at a rate suitable for your individual situation and goals.


Red Spot (body awareness & motor pattern recruitment)

  • All exercises programmed by Physiotherapist
  • No changes to program at all without Physio approval
  • Formal reassessment after specified time or number of sessions


Yellow Spot (challenging functional control & more complex patterns)

  • Minor changes (springs, reps, minor exercise modification) can be made by supervising studio staff
  • Formal reassessment after specified time or number of sessions
  • Some exercise progressions or substitutions can be made by studio staff


Green Spot (strength building and complex functional movement)

  • Formal reassessment with Physiotherapist as or if needed
  • Program can be changed as desired with guidance from Exercise Physiology & studio staff

To get started with your tailored Pilates program, contact our administration team to book an initial assessment with one of our Physiotherapists.