Musicians of all levels need someone who understands the demands of hours of practice, the stress of one chance auditions, the unique physical and mental stress of performance and the simple truth that ‘the show must go on’.

Through our consulting role with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, we have a strong working knowledge of musicians’ injuries, the physical stresses involved and practical solutions to reduce pain and allow playing to continue.

Our clinical staff are members of ASPAH, and PAMA ensuring both our clinical knowledge and international network of like-minded health professionals are up to date.

Specifically, our staff have experience dealing with shoulder, upper limb, back and neck pain for both string and wind musicians and will, when needed, discuss your situation with your teachers to ensure all parties are working together. Poor posture underlies many body aches and pains, energy levels and risk of injury.

Our Pilates and Rehabilitation Studio in West End is perfectly equipped to help you improve your posture, breathe more efficiently and enhance the delivery of your music.


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