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Pondera Physiotherapy & Pilates is one of a few clinics in Brisbane with experienced Physiotherapists who have themselves danced professionally and now work with dancers from beginner to elite professional levels. We provide dance Physiotherapy for injury treatment and performance enhancement for dancers of all genres. From professional artists to junior students, freelance and social dancers, we can provide expert knowledge, experienced technical diagnosis and get you back dancing as quickly as possible.

Our clinical staff have extensive experience with dancers of all levels and can adapt programs to any form of dance. Melanie is currently consulting to QUT Dance and Louise is assistant company Physiotherapist to Queensland Ballet. Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, Miranda worked for ten years as a professional dancer for stage and film, and has wide ranging experience in teaching, adjudicating and dance choreography.

In the past 8 years, we have officially provided services to The Australian Ballet, Queensland Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, EDC, Bangarra Dance Theatre, the Paris Opera Ballet, the Royal New Zealand Ballet and musicals including Wicked, Dirty Dancing, Legally Blonde, The Phantom of the Opera, Rock of Ages, Grease and Mary Poppins.

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Dance injuries can be upsetting & stressful, especially when they happen around performance time. Physiotherapists that understand the demands of dance can help you identify what you can do to continue your pursuits & guide the best management for you. Injuries are not always all negative, they can help you identify areas that when recovered & addressed will help you dance better than ever.

Our physiotherapists, armed with the latest research fully understand diagnosis & possible contributions to dance injuries to help you get back quickly, appropriately & with the best advice to pursue your dance dream.


The transition to pointe work is an exciting step in your dance training. It represents a time where you’re taking your dance training to the next level, developing higher level skills & potentially increasing your hours of training all at an age when most girls go through their growth spurt. It is an appropriate time to introduce aspiring dancers to a Physiotherapist, in a non-threatening environment to get the best advice for growing bodies whether you are considering a career in ballet or just want to get the best out of your ballet training. It is an opportunity to measure your physical capacity, identify areas for improvement, discuss potential risks & how best to avoid them from Physiotherapists who understand the demands of dance, and in particular the demands of pointe work to guide your progression smoothly.

Your assessment will entail a detailed history, physical exam, explanation for understanding your body & more commonly, exercises to go home with to help pursue your goals. Upon request, we can provide a report to help you understand your findings & also help communication back to your ballet teacher so they are aware of your individual results.

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Performance enhancement assessments can help you improve areas you have been working on in class. We can help you understand how to develop your skills to achieve your dance goals, whether it be to improve your turnout, leg height for adage, jump height or core control. If you require a tertiary dance assessment, a program can be designed to work on areas identified in your assessment & to guide your transition to full time dance training.

Another good time for assessment is to get a conditioning program for the school holidays. Often this is a time when you have more time on your hands to develop your skills & fitness to help you get back into your training after a break. Transitioning to full time training & returning to dance after break periods are common times for injury. We like to see you when you’re at your best & want to help you stay that way by being armed with the best information & preparing your body optimally for what you want it to do. You might also like to consider a program in our Pilates studio.

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