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It can be a bit nerve-wracking the first time you go and see a new Physio, Doctor or any kind of specialist.  Usually, you have something in mind when you go, such as a recent injury or ailment which you will bring up and go over, but here are a few ideas for questions you could ask your Physio to help you fully understand what’s happening and speed up your recovery.

Ask for an explanation for your symptoms and the suggested diagnosis behind them.

Symptoms and diagnosis are two very different things. Symptoms are ‘signs’ of injury, while diagnosis is about determining the underlying cause of injuries.  Some conditions, like back pain, can be difficult to determine without undergoing a more vigorous process of elimination and hypothesis or further analysis.   It’s important you know, and more importantly understand what you are dealing with.

What can I do that will help speed up my recovery?

This will normally be gone over, and you will often be given exercises to do at home, but given you do have a much better chance of recovering quicker if you are active in your own rehabilitation, please ask what else you can do.  Besides prescribed exercises, sometimes things like heat or ice packs, or gentle walks around the block or swimming will help.

How long should I keep coming to recover from my injury?

Your Physio should talk you through what treatments they recommend to ensure a timely and full recovery. If this doesn’t suit your situation due to time restraints, family commitments or finances, discuss this with your physio to find a happy medium.

How long will it take until I am better?

Your physiotherapist should be able to give you an estimated time frame for your recovery. From this, you can both set goals to meet along the way to try and get you back to being fully functional as quickly as possible.  It also helps to have a time frame in mind, so if you aren’t meeting your goals, perhaps a reassessment is necessary.

What can I do in the future to prevent a reoccurrence of this injury?

If your injury was something that could happen again, such as a sporting injury, ask your Physio about giving you further advice, such as strengthening exercises, proper warm up and stretching techniques, or a maintenance program for you to continue once you have recovered.

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