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Louise Drysdale


Grad Cert Msk Phty

MMR Candidate (Griffith University)

Company and Academy Physiotherapist- Queensland Ballet



Louise graduated from the University of Queensland in 2012. She worked as a Pilates & rehabilitation studio instructor at Pondera whilst gaining her qualification and believes it is a fantastic clinical tool for rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

She has a keen interest in dance injury management and prevention, having danced at Queensland Dance School of Excellence and is currently assistant company Physiotherapist to Queensland Ballet, working with their senior & junior dancers and touring with the company.

For Pondera’s dance clientele, she can offer dance screening for pointe work, injury assessment and management and performance enhancement services.

She is an active member of IADMS and presented at their annual international conference in Houston, Texas in 2017.

Louise also has advanced training in Vocal Unloading therapy, working with singers, musical theatre performers and anyone else who needs their voice for their work or performance.

With this combination of skills, Louise has worked with many professional performing artists and has been engaged as a consultant to main stage productions including Matilda, Singin’ in the Rain, Dirty Dancing, Anything Goes and also France’s famous Ballet Prejlocaj.

Louise has additional experience in occupational physiotherapy, particularly in onsite task assessment, pre-employment functional assessments and return-to-work rehabilitation.

You may spot Louise running or cycling along the river in Brisbane, usually training for the next triathlon or half marathon. Louise enjoys working with clients of all ages and believes you are never too old to perform at your best.

Shelly Fern


B.Phty (Hons)

Shelly (Michelle) joins the Pondera team after having moved to Brisbane late last year from Minnesota in the United States.

She has more than 25 years’ experience as a Physiotherapist and has worked in a variety of settings, including private Physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, assisted living, outpatient clinics, schools and homes.

During these years, Shelly has evaluated and treated a hugely diverse caseload of patients including those with sports injuries, work/occupational injuries and musculoskeletal injuries and has treated patients with cancer, stroke and those with orthopedic challenges.

Most recently, Shelly worked as a Pediatric Physical Therapist and provided rehabilitative and habilitative services to children with chromosomal abnormalities, neurological impairments, torticollis, cerebral palsy and a range of other syndromes and injuries.

She has also worked in multiple Orthopedic clinics treating a variety of diagnoses from spine pain, joint replacements, concussions, sports injury to musculoskeletal injuries. In these roles she was required to communicate with a range of health care professionals to ensure the best outcome for her patients being young, old and everything in between.

Helping people function at their best is one of Shelly’s passions. She is also a strong believer in Clinical Pilates as an effective rehabilitation and fitness tool and will be helping clients with their individual programs in Pondera’s Rehabilitation & Performance Studio.

Shelly enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures.  Along with her husband, Shelly enjoys cooking, especially Thai and Indian food whilst entertaining friends. She is an avid bicyclist and loves to hike, snow or water ski, paddle, and just be outdoors moving.