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By David Peirce and Carey Giddens

Not a gym person? Don’t want to exercise in a giant room with a group of people you don’t know and one instructor on the stage you can’t follow fast enough?  We get it.  We aren’t gym people either, but we can still help you get fit, strong and recover from injuries with our one-on-one, individualised sessions that really work.  Our rationale is that every individual is different, with different fitness and functional movement needs, especially if there are injuries involved, past or present, or a particular event or sport to train for.

Here’s an excerpt from an article recently written by Carey from one of our partner clinics in NZ, who outlines how the fitness industry has changed over the years, and how our clinics have adapted to take the approach of helping the individual rather than the mass.

Changes to the Fitness Industry

There is no doubt that the Fitness Industry has changed dramatically and continues to change on a regular basis. There’s never been more options with access now even available 24/7. There’s CrossFit, Boot Camps, Weight Training, Group Fitness, Yoga, Pilates and so much more. It can be incredibly confusing and hard to know exactly what is right for you.

To understand where the fitness industry is going and why, it’s helpful to understand where it has come from and why. Below is a brief recap of the industry to date.

The first form of fitness was simple… it was simply LIFE. Prior to the first Industrial Revolution in the late 1700’s, most people resided in small rural communities, daily lives revolved around farming.   People produced the bulk of their own food, clothing, furniture and tools and manufacturing was done in homes or small, rural shops, using hand tools or simple machines. This all meant that we continually moved in a functional way to either hunt, gather, build, farm or simply survive. There was no need to go to a gym nor did they need to exist.

Then, as we moved through a series of different industrial revolutions we have slowly become more sedentary and less able to move the way we were designed.

We have lost the ability to function as we evolved.

The original creation of gyms and the fitness industry came out of a necessity. They were developed to address a reducing ability in youth to stay fit and healthy. The gyms, like YMCA, helped to get young men moving and thus fit and healthy. They revolved around using body weight exercise, basic functional fitness, cardiovascular and calisthenics fitness. Run, climb, squat!

Then as time progressed and we became more sedentary, the media also began to drive home an emotional attachment on how we should look. We moved away from simply being fit and healthy… we now had to look a certain way. We started to isolate one muscle at a time and we started weight training on machines. Gyms quickly discovered that they could cash in and make millions. Classic gym franchises were all about aesthetics… and “pumping iron”. But, although we were working out more, we were unknowingly still becoming dysfunctionally fit. When isolating muscles, we lost the ability to get chains of muscle to work together.

But what about the Ladies?

Two more problems were now uncovered… The industry didn’t cater to females, which was a massively growing market due to a change in society norms, and it was directionalist i.e. if you didn’t know what you were doing throwing weights around, there was no direction. Thus the birth of personal trainers. But what was even bigger was the birth of aerobics and group fitness era. Unfortunately there was a fashion born in the 80’s that we would rather forget, but group fitness aerobic classes quickly took over the market.

Today’s market

I’m sure no-one is surprised to hear that we are possibly the most unfit and overweight generation ever in the history of mankind. We are sedentary and constantly suffer from pain and discomfort. Our time is very precious and we are busier than ever but more often than not, we are busy sitting on our behinds.  So, the birth of faster workouts and ‘one size fits all’ models were commercialised, even to a stage where the instructor is virtual and on a screen on the wall. We pack the rooms out and smash the workout out in 45 mins or less. We’ve lost the functional fitness element.

Next Generation Fitness Industry

Everyone’s level and requirements of functionality are different. Functionality can be to carry kids or shopping bags or can be as an Olympic athlete. Or, functional fitness can be that your body moves in a way that doesn’t cause pain. This type of functional fitness needs clinical and specialised experience in either a one-on-one setting or in smaller group settings where the clinician can make corrections to technique and progressions in an instant.

This is why we have created our Clinical Pilates, strength, balance and fitness sessions which are fully supervised by trained Clinicians who fully individualise your sessions with one-on-one coaching and monitoring before you even start.  It’s Pilates but not as you think. We design tailored programs moving in all directions, bending, twisting and challenging patterns of movement actually useful for day to day life or athletic performance. We want you safe and pain free and we have the team to provide this.

Our Unlimited Control Pilates Membership Program has been put into place for just this reason – to give you a really effective, individualised way to get into fitness for just $33 a week.  Membership includes:

  • Unlimited Clinical Pilates sessions – fully supervised.
  • Members prices for Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage and Exercise Physiology services
  • 1 x complimentary Exercise Physiology session to be used as clinically indicated to progress your exercise program
  • 1 x 50% remedial massage to be used within 6 weeks of starting group sessions
  • Random draws for tickets to a variety of performing arts performances & sports events

New members will complete a personalised, physical assessment program and one-on-one instruction sessions before starting, and then on-going regular reassessments.

Find out more by visiting our Programs tab on the website.

Unlimited Control Pilates Membership Program

Not one size fits all

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