What is it?

Pondera’s Faster Taller Stronger (FTS) program has been designed for our clients who are over 60, and want to improve their mobility, posture, strength, balance and flexibility.

It’s a six week group exercise program consisting of two group circuit sessions per week in our Rehabilitation and Performance Studio. These sessions are run by one of our qualified Physios and use a combination of gym, Pilates, balance, mobility and some fun equipment (like Velcro darts!)

Our previous programs saw people gain height (really!), strength, speed, improve balance and most importantly, regain confidence in activities and movement in everyday life.

All participants undergo an initial assessment with the following parameters recorded:

– Height
– Posture
– Timed “up & go” test of 5 metres
– Lift dynamometer
– Star Excursion Balance Test
– Stand and Reach
– Velcro darts score (single leg)

We also incorporate the use of the “Clock Yourself” app, developed here in Brisbane by Physiotherapist, Meg Lowry, to measure and facilitate some of the exercises.

All criteria are remeasured after the six weeks, and many participants choose to stay on and continue to improve the gains they have made.

The program is safe, enjoyable, creates much healthy comparison and conversation and most of all, can make significant changes in postural awareness, mobility, balance and confidence.

It is perfect for the 60+ age group, particularly those who have health concerns or conditions including osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, osteopenia and mobility or balance issues. It’s also great for those people looking to improve strength and confidence with movement in their day-to-day life.

Program Details:
The initial assessment needs to be completed before you begin the classes.

Assessment cost: $135 (includes measuring a range of parameters and individual goal setting. Claimable through private health as conducted by a Physiotherapist

Program cost: $25 per session or $300 for the 12 sessions of the course. You may be able to claim this back on your Private Health cover (please check first if this is important). You could also ask your GP to refer you to Pondera with an EPC program which can be used in part to cover costs.

Please note: clients must be able to attend 9 of the 12 sessions to participate. Payment to be made up-front. No refunds available except for illness or injury.

A case study
A Pondera client named Julie signed up for the Faster, Taller, Stronger program with the goals of improving her balance and mobility, to help increase her confidence and ability to get jobs done around the house.

Prior to starting, we measured Julie’s height, single leg balance with eyes opened and closed, the time it took for her to complete an “up, go and return 10 metre walk” and, using a force dynamometer, we tested her back/leg lift strength.

The idea of the program was not to make massive changes in these areas, but to show Julie that it is possible to change her posture, strength, physical endurance and balance in only six weeks.
Following re-testing after the six weeks, Julie’s lift strength improved by 25%, (41 to 55 kg) and her return walk test over 10 metres reduced from 18 to 14 seconds. She was also 2cm taller!! Her balance ability improved both with eyes closed and open and, most importantly, her confidence to move around the house and perform day-to-day activities increased significantly.

Julie chose to continue to attend Pondera’s studio for an individually designed ongoing strengthening program to further improve her postural strength, energy and particularly her confidence.

For more information or to signup, please call us on 3846 1488 or email: admin@pondera.com.au.      Contact Us