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This is of course the most common concern in our supervised Pilates & rehabilitation studio. Your Physiotherapist has designed a specialised program for your situation and you need to do the exercises correctly. But what is the “right way” to do Pilates and rehab exercises?


Unlike fitness classes and exercise DVD’s, Clinical Pilates prescriptions do not come with the same type of strict exercise execution. We are primarily concerned that the exercises you do enhance your posture, improve your function and reduce your pain – with an overall significant change in your ability to perform those things you were not able to do. Whether it’s just getting through the day, dancing, sitting, gardening, playing music, keeping fit or trying to get there – your exercise program is always designed to suit your body and your goals. You may perform an exercise differently from the person next to you, because you’re different from them!

Our Physiotherapists and studio staff will constantly enhance your exercise execution, but it is unlikely you’re doing it “wrong”. Different staff may see different aspects to change thereby improving the exercise outcome and you will progress in your movement control and need further challenges.

The aim of any clinically supervised program is to restore functional movement – movement that you need to achieve your goals.

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