Sports related injuries need quick accurate assessment, a plan for rehabilitation then expertise and facilities to get you back on the field. Our staff have extensive experience between us at all levels of sports from juniors to elite professionals. It’s great to know your Physio has worked with elite sports teams but also vital they can look after everyday sportspeople who are just trying to stay fit or aiming for future glory.

Common sports related injuries we see include:

  • Foot & Ankle
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Back & Pelvis
  • Trunk
  • Shoulder


Sure we can help you recover and rehabilitate your injury – but there’s more…

In the past 8 years, elite and developing athletes have used Pondera’s staff and facilities to enhance their sports performance. We have helped members of the Qld Reds and Australian Wallabies, Olympic athletes, Qld Bulls cricketers, cyclists, triathletes, rowers and swimmers in addition to the many elite and developing dancers.
Our approach is to treat the athletic body as an interconnected system and ensure dynamic ankle, knee, hip and shoulder control is just as good as your ‘core’. We use dynamic Pilates, TRX, cable and free weights, fitball, bodyblade, BOSU, spin discs and other aids to challenge your athletic system to perform under high demands relevant to your sport or performance aims.

We love seeing people perform at their best

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