Let’s Get You Moving!

Have you had a hip or knee replacement? And have you achieved full mobility, strength, balance and freedom to do what you want and need to again?

Are you experiencing any of the following limitations after surgery to your hip or knee?

  • Loss of range of movement
  • Reduced lower limb strength
  • Left vs right side discrepancy
  • Less confidence in completing high level tasks
  • Difficultly with balance & speed based activities

If you responded with “Yes” to any of the above limitations, an individually prescribed exercise program at Pondera may be the answer for you!

The Program

Pondera Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio offers group sessions to help improve your hip or knee function. Further development may be the difference you need to complete pre-surgical activities.

Weekly Pilates classes utilise a combination of Pilates and resistance training equipment to help achieve your goals.

Classes will be twice weekly for 6 weeks with a maximum of 6 people per class.  We combine a mixture of Pilates, gym, balance, mobility and coordination – all functional exercises designed to ensure your new hip or knee is performing as well as it can.


Initial consultation with Dan Redmond (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) who also works in the Wesley Hospital post-surgical rehab unit.

Assessment cost: $99 – this is for your initial assessment (includes individual goal setting)

Program cost: $25 per class or $300 – this is for the 12 sessions of the course. You may be able to claim this back on your Private Health cover (please check first if this is important).

Assessments will need to be completed before you begin the classes, so please email us at admin@pondera.com.au or call on 3846 1488 to register your interest.

Please note: clients must be able to attend 9 of the 12 sessions to participate.  Payment to be made up-front. No refunds except for illness or injury.